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Buitoni Dinner Giveaway.

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Wondering what to do for dinner? Wonder no more, Buitoni is here to help!

Our family had the opportunity to try out their refrigerated pasta and sauce and we weren't disappointed. Three of our kids are big fans of anything Italian, the cheesier the better and Buitoni's Four Cheese Ravioli did NOT disappoint!

Many times when I think of or see quick and easy "convenience" foods, after reading the label I find they aren't as healthy as I'd like but with Buitoni, I knew we were getting all natural ingredients and the nutrition facts weren't bad either.
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Have you ever tried Buitoni Pastas or sauces? Do you have a favorite? Or if you haven't, which would you most likely like to try???

Leave a comment here and you're entered to win dinner from Buitoni!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. The prize "dinner" in this situation is coupons to receive complimentary product. Winner to be chosen by on Friday, April 8 at 12pm.


  1. I use to buy these all the time when I loved alone. So yummy!!

    Stacy R

  2. These are great for last minute meals - I love the raviolo and alfredo!

  3. They are my favorite pasta to use. Super quick and easy and so many choices to add to the pasta!

  4. I've tried the ravioli and it was really good.

    hewella1 at gmail dot com

  5. Looks like dinner fast, but not fast food!

  6. We love the 3 cheese ravioli at our house!

  7. I have had the Butoni pasta before, they make one with mushroom and cheese that is fantastic, makes a great lunch!

  8. We love the pasta, but have never tried the sauce. I bet it's delicious!
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  9. I love stuffed pastas much more than regular so Butoni is a great go to for us!

  10. We love this pasta!!! Our favorite is the pesto sauce!!

  11. I love these and I get them all the time b/c I can't cook!

    littleumbrella (at) wow (dot) com