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As many know, 17 month old E has had her share of ear issues so I was more than happy and excited when the makers of EarDoc sent me their product.

The product has been shown and studied on the television show THE DOCTORS and there is some other research that has been done as well to suggest that ear infections and issues can be reduced with it. {However the product doesn't replace seeing a doctor especially if pain persists.)

EarDoc is a non-evasive device that can help with middle ear fluid and pressure in the ears. The company even suggests that it should be tried before tubes.

Basically the device goes behind the ear and vibrates the mastoid bone to the eustachian tube to break up and drain the fluid.

I brought the device to our Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist this last week at a check up for E and asked him about it. He found it very interesting and said considering it is non-evasive it can't hurt or cause harm.

Because E is still so little and very sensitive about her ears being touched we have not had the chance to test it out on her and reducing her middle ear fluid but it's something I am definitely interested in trying as she gets older.

Have you ever heard of the EarDoc? What'd your thoughts and opinion of such a product? If you are interested in more information or to purchase one, please visit their site.

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  1. I would love to know if this works, so keep me posted! It is something that adults can use also? Unfortunately for me, I get SO many ear infections and would love to find an alternative remedy to antibiotics.