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Video Confessions.

Sometimes at bedtime Miss M pulls all the stops. And J usually gets roped into talking about everything under the sun and calming her down to get her to bed.

But a funny thing happened a few weeks ago when J was out of town. Miss M went to bed each night with not a single issue or problem at night.

There weren't multiple trips to the bathroom or to just get a drink. Or to tell me that she's scared of this or that or what. She just went downstairs and went to bed.

I told J and he was super annoyed. I mean he has gotten roped into her games way too many nights. But the first night he was back sure enough Miss M started the game, claiming she didn't want to get in trouble while he was away and so on.

It was a mess. One that pretty much left him and I at odds. Me, thinking she's playing games and him, thinking I have no sympathy.

But the next day, something very interesting happened. Miss M came up to me and said;

"I'm sorry for how I acted last night at bedtime. I was just really tired."

I told her to hold that thought and ran and grabbed our camera to videotape her as she said that she really wasn't scared or needing a parent, she was just tired and then got upset because we weren't listening to her.

We haven't had a problem with bedtime since!

So glad I got it on film!

What things have happened to you that you are glad to have caught on film or wish that you would have?

This post was sponsored by Canon.

Canon has released the PowerShot SX210 IS, which combines the ability to take great photos & also shoot high definition video. Canon and JuiceBoxJungle sponsored me to write this post, and talk about what shooting video means to my family.

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