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Verizon/JuiceBox Jungle: My Cell Phone.

A couple weekends ago, in an unsupervised moment, little miss E dropped my phone in the toilet.

I wasn't really sure how to react because obviously she's a baby and didn't know better. (Or did she?)

It was just a regular old phone that was good for calling people and texting people and taking pictures when it would take just too long to grab the camera.

While I'd only had the phone six months or so I'd finally memorized the placement of the keys and I could seamlessly send a note or take a picture. I had the rhythm down pat.

Once we found out my phone was a complete loss just sitting in a bag of dry rice looking like death, I started my online search.

I started thinking maybe this was a sign that I needed an upgrade. Something fancy. Where I can email and blog and schedule and all that jazz while I'm driving or eating or whatever.

So far, I've still got my old, old, old phone. The one that takes about 10 minutes to send a three word text. And believe me, it stinks, it really does.

But, it's what I've got for now and when I get a new phone, whether it's a smart schedule keeping, email sending phone or a regular phone, I'll be happy.
This post was sponsored by Verizon and JuiceBox Jungle.

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