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What Would I Do With An Extra $100....????

I finished up our taxes last night and uff-da were we close to having to pay in. We basically broke even. Which is a good thing.

But I was so bummed. I had dreams for our refund. The ways I could have spent a good wad of cash, you don't even want to know.

So, when I was asked if someone handed me an extra $100 next month no strings attached. I decided I would definitely use it for me.

Most often it seems when there are extras to be bought they go straight to the kids. I can't be alone here.

New outfits. Gifts to save for birthdays or Christmas or the like. Actitivies. School fees.

My husband gave me a gift certificate for Christmas to get my hair done so I'd probably skip out on the salon. (And I'm not quite one for facials or massages.)

Rather I'm thinking I could hit the mall. Alone.
Maybe some of that hundred would pay for a babysitter so I could go on a random weekday morning.

And try things on. One at a time. And look in the mirror. And find new things I like that fit my post second baby just right.

That $100 could be not only a gift of money but a gift of having time to myself to try things on, enjoy my coffee while it's still hot and maybe even peruse one of the three books I have sitting on my nightstand.

Or maybe I'd head to my favorite look-at store.

I just love that store. The scent that overwhelms me from the moment I walk through the door, to the relaxing ambiance.

$100 wouldn't get me far but it'd buy me a few luxuries I've coveted from time to time.

Ahh, a girl can dream, can't she?

Where would you spend your $100?

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  1. I recently started running and losing weight and I'd love to treat myself to a few new clothes. Or maybe a new hair style to match my new body :)

  2. oooo...maybe a fun afternoon of shopping at Opitz in St. Louis Park, MN or shopping at a high end cooking store. Then again...just buying a big $$$ card for a coffee shop would be fun. It would allow the indulgences to last for months (especially since I only get coffee a couple times a month).

  3. I would totally use the money to get a sitter and find some cute new post baby clothes. I feel like I'm stuck in a rut wearing the same 4/5 outfits. And maybe a nice dinner out with my honey.