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My Bonus Mom! Taking the Step Out of Stepmom Book Giveaway!

Stepmoms typically get a bad rap. They are portrayed as ugly, selfish, mean and sometimes even villians in Hollywood and Disney movies alike. Even outside of the shining lights, some still have negative connotations when it comes to stepmoms.

I've always wanted to prove the evil stepmother rumors false, proving that you can be a stepmom and love your stepkids, treating them fairly and kindly.

Awhile back, Five Star Publishing sent me a copy of the book My Bonus Mom! Taking the Step out of Stepmom to read and review and I loved it. Author Tami Butcher shares her personal story of her own parents divorce and gaining what she calls a "bonus" mom.

The book is a children's book and I really loved the way she clarified in the book that her mom is her mom and always will be but that she was open to having her stepmom in her life as well. Many children in divorce or blended family situations have loyalty issues and she clears that up right away. Your mom is your mom, your dad is your dad!

She met her stepmom at age 11, which I have read and heard is a very difficult time for both kids and step-parents, so I give her and her family kudos for the way in which they handled their family situation and can come out on this side, with her now a mother herself who refers to both her mom and her "bonus" mom as grandma.

The current statistics say that 46% of first marriages end in divorce, second marriages are even higher than that. More of us than ever are ending up in these "bonus" roles. I give great thanks and appreciate to authors like Tami who are out there working to change popular misconceptions, focus on the positives and promote healthy families.

If you're interested in her book, Five Star Books is giving one away here. Simply visit Tami's website at and read about the book and Tami, come back here and comment about what you think about her desire to take the step out of step-parent and you're entered.

Winner to be chosen Monday, November 28 at 8 p.m. by

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This is a sponsored post and I received a complimentary copy of Tami Butcher's book. All words and opinions here are mine.

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