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Moon Dough Giveaway!

When the package arrived a few weeks ago all four kids were super excited. Moon Dough!
The day the package arrived. This is not posed or staged at all. They all four were really into it.

We've never had it or used it before and it was really fun!

It's called "magical molding dough" because it never dries out. It's got a really weird, sandy texture and it a lot different than most of the "doughs" we've played with before.

SpinMaster Toys makes Moon Dough and they are giving TWO readers the Moon Dough Magic Zoo playset.
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To enter:

Leave a comment here. That's it.

Contest ends Wednesday, July 20 at 10pm.

Disclosure: Spin Master Toys sent us MoonDough and other toys to try out and play with as well as ones to give away.

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  1. Looks fun! Is it messy though? Does it crumble and leave little bits everywhere?

    -Carissa D.

  2. We've used Moon Sand before - and I am NOT a fan of moon Moon Dough the same?
    It's nice to have different things around the house for the super cold days in winter, and the super hot days in summer...when you don't or can't be out and about...