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If I Could Keep You Little Giveaway.

Since E was born, I've grouped the kids as my bigs (T and M) and my littles (H and E). It was the only way I could abbreviate or shorten it without saying their names or explaining what I was meaning. So when author Marianne Richmond (from Minneapolis) sent me her newest book; If I Could Keep You Little, I was excited to read it to my littles.

The book is both sweet and inspiring as it reminds us of all the things we love about our kids little but then reminds us of what we would miss as they become big if we kept them little.

The book ends;

If I could keep you little, I'd keep you close to me.
But then I'd miss you growing into who you're meant to be.

Here's your chance to win your own signed copy of the book. {This would be a great gift for any bigs OR littles you have in your life! Even the grown up ones!}

Leave a comment here sharing what most you'll miss (or that you already miss) about your kids being little.

For an additional entry, leave a comment here sharing what you're looking forward to (or already enjoying) about your kids being big.

{Each person has two chances to win!}

Contest ends Monday December 13 and winner to be chosen by

Disclosure:This is a sponsored post and in addition, I was given my own copy of the book.


  1. She is my all time favorite children's author EVER!
    My FAVORITE book by her?
    Hooray for You! I love love love love LOOOVE that book - and I love to give it to all of the littles in our lives.
    There is NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING, like a good book.
    What I miss most about my kids being 'little' is snuggling - they still snuggle me on occassion - but it's not like when they were babies...

  2. And what I'm enjoying most?
    Seeing the people they are becoming - the things that they see, say and do every single day...the CRAZY things that come out of their mouths...the good, the bad, and the ugly!! ;)

  3. What I miss the most is reading to them all the time. We still read together a lot, but they are into independent reading now. (Not that that's a bad thing!)

  4. I'm really enjoying watching them build friendships with other kids. Not just the playtime friends, but the friends that they worry about and pray for when they know their friend is struggling with something.

  5. What I will miss is when they get to middle school and older and no longer want to spend the day with their mom.
    What I love now is watching them love each other so much!

  6. I will miss hearing "mom! Mom!" all the way home from school with the details of their day ready to be spilled form their sweet mouths while eating an after school snack. All the details! Its so sweet and innocent! I love that they want to share their days with me. I also love the hugs and smoochies I get when I see them at school. I know when they hit Junior High I will not be recieving these wonderful unreserved hugs and kisses.

    What I cant wait to see is who they become, the relationships they build and the paths they take into adulthood.